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February - March Lunch & Learn Small Group Series on Autistic Self-Acceptance (Wednesdays) and Affirming Parenting (Thursdays) now open for registration!


Individual and Family Services

Below are the services that Autisticoach offers to individuals and families. For community groups and professional trainings, please visit the Workshops page.

Family and Caregiver Support

-Direct face-to-face support (at home or virtual) for caregivers of neurodivergent kids of all ages

-Simple, accessible education about neurodiversity, introduction to local supports, and exploration of family systems

-Problem solving around communication, expectations, and discipline in the home

-Personalized recommendations for household structure and routines that work for everyone

Young Adult Mentoring

-Exploration of and education about your own brain and how it processes information; learning your limits and needs

-Identify sources of stress or frustration and how to accommodate yourself

-Practice confident self-advocacy safely and without pushing past your limits

-Adulting 101: better tips for getting your life together than "have you tried a planner?"

Service Coordination & Advocacy

-Thorough and comprehensive review of your current supports, including therapeutic, educational, medical, and community


-Exploration of all options to ensure that all of your services are relevant and effective

-IEP review and advocacy; identification of problematic goals or unmet expectations; attend IEP meetings in person or virtually

-Hosting of treatment team meetings to ensure all providers are on the same page and communicating

Finding the Right Fit for You

Arch and Spheres


Schedule your FREE Consultation

We will start with a free 30-minute consultation (virtual or phone) to talk about your situation and hopes for working together.


I will explore your history and we can talk about the kind of support you think might be helpful. This is also your time to ask any questions you have about me and how I work!

At the end of the call I will provide recommendations and offer an initial plan for our partnership. There is no obligation and no pressure if you feel this is not the right fit.


Short-Term or Ongoing?

When you have a better understanding of how Autisticoach can support and empower you, you can decide whether to work together just once or twice or on a longer-term basis. 

Some services are only available short-term (hourly), while others must be ongoing and consistent to be effective. Continue reading below for individual service prices and commitments.


Make it Happen!

Once you are happy with the proposed plan, we will begin our work together! This can happen virtually, in your home,  in the community, or by phone.

Services are billed hourly for short-term work together, and either monthly or as a package for ongoing partnerships. 

Working, Together.

Read on for an overview of pricing, length of services, and expectations for both parties. For all services we will create some basic goals and have a system in place to regularly check in about progress and any changes you would like to make. 

Hourly Services, Virtual - $65/hr

This price is applicable to short-term or sporadic hourly services. These include IEP review and attending meetings, coordinating and hosting treatment team calls, one-time education around neurodivergence, queer identity, or disability, and troubleshooting of current supports.


Hourly Services, In Person - $75/hr

This price is applicable to short-term or sporadic hourly services delivered face-to-face. In person services are only available within 30 minutes of Richmond, though individual cases may be considered. Hourly in-person services include IEP review and meetings, one-time education around neurodivergence, queer identity, or disability, and troubleshooting of current supports. 


Ongoing Services - Package Pricing

Sessions are 90-minutes each (intake up to 2h)

-4 sessions - $420 ($70/hr)

-6 sessions - $585 ($65/hr)

-8 sessions - $720 ($60/hr)

Package pricing is available if you know you want to work together over several sessions, and is a great option for an intensive but limited time together to address a specific challenge or situation.


Sessions are purchased 4, 6, or 8 at a time and can be renewed once they have all been used. Services may be delivered in-person or virtually, or a mix of the two, and are scheduled depending on Autisticoach availability. There is no guarantee of the same slot weekly with package pricing. 


Monthly Partnership - $385/mo

Guaranteed weekly sessions, service coordination, phone and text support, free materials

Monthly partnerships are the ultimate personalized option to support you and your family. With a monthly partnership, we will team up during guaranteed weekly meetings to problem-solve, work through hard conversations, and come together for gentle and consistent accountability.


You will stay connected with phone and text check-ins between meetings, and I will coordinate with other providers such as therapists, doctors, and school staff up to 60 minutes per month. Monthly partnership members have the opportunity to reserve the same slot every week, make up missed sessions, and access supplemental content such as printables and guides at no additional cost. 

Groups Winter 2024

Read on to learn about Autisticoach's current group offerings for Jan - March 2024! 

Autistic Awakenings - Virtual Small Group

Self-Discovery and Support for Newly Identified Autistic Adults

Have you finally discovered your own neurotype after feeling ot-of-place all your life? Are you unsure of how to process this new information and what to do next? In this group, we will explore creating a sustainable and affirming lifestyle, learn practical strategies for self-acceptance and self-advocacy, and connect with nonjudgmental peer support. 

This group will be held virtually on Wednesdays from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST from February 7th - March 13th. The total price for all 6 sessions is $60. This group will not be recorded. 

ND-Affirming Parenting - Virtual Small Group

Support and Education for Caregivers of ND Children

Raising neurodivergent children can leave you feeling unsupported and unsure. Our Affirming Parenting sessions will offer essential insights into understanding and connecting with your child. Learn about the differences and nuances of neurodivergent communication, become a sensory sleuth to reduce stressors in the home, and increase your confidence and knowledge to advocate for your child in educational, therapeutic, medical, and social settings. 

This group will be held virtually on Thursdays from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST from February 8th - March 14th. The total price for all 6 sessions is $60. This group will not be recorded. 

Get in Touch

The services and prices listed are the standard listings for Autisticoach. However, I am dedicated to equitable and accessible practice. If you believe you are in need of support and cannot afford the fees, or would like to discuss a service not listed above, please contact me to schedule a time to chat. 

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