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Who Am I, and What Do I Know?



Sarah Bostaph, AuDHD Educator, Advocate, and Mentor

Hi! I'm Sarah, and I am the Autisticoach. I am an Autistic and ADHD (AuDHD) family advocate and educator. I am a Virginia native and currently live in Richmond, VA. I have worked in child development, family advocacy, and individualized service coordination for 13 years. I am excited to share my experiences and expertise with you! ​

As a child I was quiet and eager to please, so I flew under the radar as a gifted kid. With no social or academic supports, I struggled internally but thought that I was just worse at coping than everyone else. 

Receiving my diagnoses as an adult was a game changer. Knowing my own neurotype enabled me to not only change my routines and work habits to play to my strengths, but it also let me be kinder to myself and self-advocate more effectively. 

Understanding your brain is the first step on a lifelong journey of self-love and affirmation. Identifying your needs helps you to advocate for yourself or your child, and knowing some "neurospicy-friendly" skills for organization, regulation, and household structure can make a world of difference in your daily life. 


Education, Affirmation, Acceptance

Being neurodivergent (ND) in a world meant for neurotypicals is an inherently traumatic experience. ​Too often we are the ones being told to act differently, contain our joy, keep our bodies still, and ignore our own needs.


I believe that it should not be the responsibility of the ND person to conform to the expectations that others set. Instead, I strive to educate not only the individual and family, but also the teachers, sitters, employers, and service providers about the beauty of neurodiversity and how to create a more accepting and accommodating space. 

From infancy through late adulthood, each ND individual can benefit from support, accommodations, and advocacy. Instill confidence and inspire self-love by celebrating each unique brain - contact me today to learn more!

Parents and Child


Where did I learn all this, anyways?

Not only do I have over 3 decades of lived experience as an AuDHD individual, I also have 13 years of experience working with kids and families! Beginning in 2010, I volunteered as the co-founder of an educational and mentoring program in an at-risk neighborhood. From there, I went on to work as a patient and family advocate, navigating medical, educational, and legal settings to help families access the resources they needed.


In 2013, I joined a local nonprofit as a parent educator and gained expertise in early childhood development and mental health through the Parents As Teachers curriculum. I later worked for local family services, where I completed over 600 hours of state training and certifications in child development, trauma, substance abuse, family systems, and mediation.


In 2021, I joined my local mental health Community Services Board, where I became certified in High Fidelity Wraparound service coordination. I specialized in supporting families with neurodivergent children, provided IEP education and advocacy, and helped families access trauma-informed and affirming mental healthcare. I completed further training hours in Somatic Experiencing, Emotion Focused Family Therapy, and cultural competency.


Through my work, I have become an expert in helping families create a lifestyle in which they have every chance to succeed. I have a deep (and personal!) understanding of the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals and their families, and I truly enjoy giving compassionate, personalized support to help people thrive.


My experience has taught me that traditional approaches of shame and consequences don't work for neurodivergent individuals. Instead, I provide affirming support and resources while empowering people to recognize and speak up for their own needs.


Whether you're a parent of a neurodivergent child or a young adult struggling to navigate increasing demands, I am here to help. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards a brighter and more sustainable future!

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