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Try the Affirming Approach!

Are you a parent of a neurodivergent child, or a young adult struggling to find the right supports and direction? At AutistiCoach, we celebrate and support the unique qualities of every individual. I offer parenting support, personalized mentoring, and IEP advocacy to help you or your child thrive. My services are tailored to meet the needs of people who want to create a lifestyle that works with, not against, their brains.


My coaching services are based on the latest research and understanding of neurodiversity with a focus on empowering individuals to recognize and stand up for their own needs. We know that the traditional approaches of shame and consequences don't work for neurodivergent individuals, and I  offer a better way.


If you're ready to learn more about how I can help you and your family, schedule a free consultation today. I offer both online and in-person sessions, and you can browse my blog and handouts for education and empowerment. Let's work together to create a brighter future!



Sarah Bostaph, Neurodiversity Educator and Advocate

Born and raised in Virginia, I have been working with children, families, and young adults to improve their lives and relationships since 2013. My passions are inclusivity, accessibility, and education for adults and children alike about the beauty of neurodiversity. 


Virtual and In Person Coaching, Mentoring, Education, and IEP Advocacy



I offer free 30-minute consults for people interested in learning more about my services and if my approach is right for you! In addition to ongoing support, I am also available for limited and short-term consultation on projects such as IEP development, staff education, and assistance in locating affirming service providers in your area. 

Coaching, Mentoring, and Advocacy

One-to-one and family services are available both in-person and virtually to serve local and out of state clients. I provide coaching and family support for parents of ND kids, mentoring for ND adults, advocacy with schools and service providers, IEP review, and staff education for schools, therapists, and early interventionists.


Parents Recommend

Sara B

"Sarah has been really great to talk with and learn from. She's been a wealth of knowledge and experience that I'm really glad I can reach out to as my kids continue to grow and have major transitions. I definitely recommend her classes!"


Jasmine M

"I'm glad to have a representative that can explain our requests in a way [the IEP team] could understand. It definitely made a difference!"

Heather P

"Sarah provides education that empowers and uplifts. I have a deeper understanding of AuDHD, a better vocabulary for the things we experience, and more confidence in the support we give our son in the home."

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